Update Your Wardrobe With Taylor Swift's 'Eras' Tour Outfits

We all might have heard the stunning Taylor Swift’s songs in our teenage.

From that time till now, she has proven that she never stays behind the times in terms of fashion. The visual proof of this statement can be seen in the pictures of an event that was held on March 17 in Glendale, Arizona. She returns to the stage with her outstanding Era’s Tour.

She won the hearts of billions of people with her striking performance and captivating outfit transitions. In just 3 hours and 13 minutes, she showcases her great music catalog along with a number of eye-catching costumes to give tribute to her past ten albums.

In this article, we will take you on the journey of that event and put the light on each and every Era of Taylor Swift. So keep reading.

Take A Ride To The Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras’ Tour: Get Some Inspirations From Her Wardrobe

As a fashion enthusiast, you might be wondering where each and every dress in her show is from.

To solve your query, we will offer you a brief view of her style and musical era. What’s impressive is that a few of Taylor Swift Eras Tour Outfits are inspired by that time period, and others are the direct representations of her albums. So, if you are planning a party and don’t know what to wear, then you can take a few awesome ideas from her show.

To feed your curiosity, we are not delaying anymore. So, dive with us into this glamorous and inspiring journey.

Lover Era


Taylor Swift started her show with a performance on “Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince” from Lover album. She wore a customized Atelier Versace bodysuit embellished with pink and blue jewels, showcasing the imaginary pink and blue skies featured on the album’s artwork. She paired that outfit with silver Christian Louboutin knee-high boots and a bedazzled microphone.

This sparkly and eye-catching attire wasn’t the star of the show till she put on an upper on it, which was also studded. While performing on “The Man”, the Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Silver Blazer instantly grabbed the spotlight. Moreover, she wore glittery boots throughout the love era.

Fearless Era

You will see a smooth transition as the era changes. The fearless era will bring back the memory of sparkly dresses with tassels all around them.

She has worn the same boots with all the dresses of this era. And with those tassels and fringes, she holds the attention of all the viewers with her each move while dancing. This customized Roberto Cavalli dress lets her move around freely and shine brighter like a star.

Another dress of this era is from Roberto Cavalli dress, embellished with Swarovski crystals and with fringes touching her legs. This one looks just fascinating, like the first one.

Acoustic Interlude


This era organizes an acoustic set, where Taylor plays surprise songs to offer her fans a unique experience. This section offers a slow-down vibe and acts as a break for fans from the shiny world. She also plays the piano and chats with the crowd while wearing a Jessica Jones dress with ruffles that wrap her body as she sits by the piano. 

In this era, she wore two versions of long dresses, one in the magenta shade and the other in green. Additionally, she also wears a stunning yellow dress as well. This part of the show exhibits all the vibrant colors and unique fabrics, giving the summer vibe. But you can also put them on in the cold season by pairing them with Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Purple Blazer. If you think that this combination looks ugly, then it will not. These days, it is trendy to see people wearing two shades.

Evermore Era

The next one we will jump into is the Evermore Era, in which Talylor wears a simple mustard dress, which is from Etro.

To represent this era, they have gone from a nature theme, which consists of trees and a foggy background. This section leaves behind the sparkly era as the crowd sings along with Taylor while she sits by the piano. The whole vibe offers a relaxing mood.

Reputation Era


After a soothing feeling, she came up with a bold option.

You will see her in an asymmetrical and flashy red and black body suit. In this era, she brought the sparkly energy back. You will surely be wondering if this tour is all about glitters and bling. You will also notice a snake pattern that dresses as well from the top to the bottom of one leg. And if you want to wear that dress in winter, then you can add a Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Black Coat on it. It will not only enhance the look of this outfit but also offer you the warmth and style you are looking for.

Speak Now Era

Who doesn’t love the Taylor Swift song “Enchanted”. It is always ready to impress the listeners, just like the singer does.

She began this era with this fan-favorite song, and the dress she wore while singing it uplifted the whole mood. Nicole + Felicia Couture’s bespoke gown adds all the sparkles she deserves. What’s more, the next outfit that you will see in this era is a bit different but doesn’t decrease the shine.

She wore a Zuhair Murad Couture custom gown with the embellishment of the starburst design. Lastly, she put on two more dresses from the same designers and Elie Saab’s Fall 2020 Couture, but this one is our favorite.

Red Era


This era welcomes Taylor Swift stylishly and will remind you of her look from her various songs.

You will see more than two outfit transitions in this one. First, she wore the t-shirt that she presented in the music video for “22”.  This attire is accessorized with a Gladys Tamez hat that she gives to one lucky member of the audience during the performance. After that, she removes the t-shirt, making the audience introduced with a beautiful red-to-black ombré bodysuit. This outfit brings back the glittery vibe again.

As time passes, she hops into the next song, “All too well”. Along with that, she adds a shiny red upper on that body suit. This Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Red Coat offers the perfect reddish vibe. In addition to that, she holds a guitar and offers tribute to her songs of that era, making the show memorable for the audience. 

Folklore Era

Now, we will walk into the imaginative and rustic one, which is the Folklore Era.

In this one, you will see Taylor Swift in a muted purple Alberta Ferretti dress, which is full of ruffles and flares. She looks like a fairy while performing her song “August”. Her movement on that song was breathtaking, and the lavender outfit added all the perfect elements to the performance. What’s impressive is that the fabric of that dress moves along with her as she moves.

Midnights Era


Next, we will explore the present-day era, which is midnight; in this one, we will have a look at luxury and pomp.

The dress she opts for representing this era is a custom, Oscar De La Renta. This outfit is loose-fitted but still heavy and studded in shimmery crystals. Additionally, this attire is paired with a new set of custom Louboutins, which are studded in black crystals. To add more drama, she added an upper on it, as well as a custom piece from Oscar De La Renta.

Everything about this era screams “Perfect”.  So, if you feel that this dress is too shiny for you, then you can pair it with The Eras Tour Taylor Swift Fur Coat, just like she does. After that, she had a layer of her dress just like snakes leave behind their skins. And she reveals an Oscar De La Renta custom bodysuit underneath. This article seems very comfortable during her performance. It was a perfect combo of soft yet sexy garments.

1989 Era

Lastly, we will talk about the vibrant one, which is the 1989 Era, in which you will explore more fringes and filters.

In this one, she carries the Roberto Cavalli custom two-piece set covered in a number of fringe with sequins in various shapes and sizes. It looks a bit similar to the Fearless era. First, we styled the magenta co-ord set, and then she switched it to a bright green one.

All in All, this is everything you need to know about Taylor Swift Era’s tour. We have covered each outfit in detail for your understanding.


While talking about beauty and talent, we can’t miss Tailor Swift behind.

With her impressive performance on this stage show with various outfit transitions, she won the hearts of billions of people; everything was perfectly designed, from the dresses to the atmosphere and selected songs.

We have discussed each era along with all the necessary details for your ease. Now, do your research and take inspiration from these fashion ideas from her Era’s tour. We bet you will surely create an impression on others.

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