The time has arrived for the outfits displayed on the winter fashion runway 2020 to finally hit the stores. Our guide will help you create stunning looks from the pieces so you can express yourself in style. You will know which pieces are the best to wear and which should not be gracing your closet. This year has undeniably been a strange one for the whole world. But little joys like buying clothes you look good in are necessary to put a smile on your face. So, go ahead, explore the looks we have put together for you and enjoy your next shopping spree!


Denim returned with all its glory this year in its purest raw form. Practical denim cargoes can be worn with sleek classic pieces to balance out the wide silhouette. Selvage denim overalls and patchwork denim winter jackets are being put out by top designers. The close-cut, printed tuxedos with wide raw denim trousers are also a raging trend of this season.


Strapped-up Details

The harness look has been quite the stunner for quite a while now. Harnesses, belts, and straps attached to tailored outfits have been the center of attention on the runway. Classic men winter jackets and overcoats are fixed with belt attachments on the chest and buttoned straps. Bolder statements such as suits with oversized safety pin fastenings are also a look to carry if you dare. More neutral yet distinct styles include shirts with waist-cinching adjusters in the sides and blazers sporting tonal belts.


Shades of Red

Red is dominating the line of best winter jackets for men this year. Although a difficult color to wear casually, designers have integrated the color in various styles. Formal attires such as overcoats and silk suits are available in shades of soft red. Suits in brick-red, terracotta and deep pink are unexpectedly appealing to include in your daily wardrobe.



Bold and edgy is the vibe of the season with winter leather jackets and trench coats. The leather mood is also represented in trousers of the same material paired with checkered shirts and cardigans. There are a lot of abstract strapped black leather coats and wide-legged trouser looks on the go. However, what you should be buying is slim-cut dark leather pants for a flattering put-together appearance. Or get yourself a leather blazer or shirt to layer with other materials.


Checkered Pattern

Checks were certainly seen in abundance on the runway this year. Both large and small patterns are in and can be worn in a number of ways. The patterns are shown energetically and playfully in dressing gown-styled coats and fuzzy track pants. For a more elegant and classy appeal, double-breasted check blazers can be paired with oversized macs. To infuse checks in your casual wardrobe you can go with checked pants or shirts. Subtly checked jackets and coats are also a chic way to wrap up your outfit.



Cardigans are now being worn in place of coats. Oversized and closely knit, the slouchy look they maintain is a raging trend in casual wear. Buy them in muted tones like caramel, stone, and grays. We are all for this style, because it is easy to wear and most importantly very comfortable. Just pair a large heavy knit cardigan with a pair of denim jeans and a checked shirt. And there you got a style that is first tier on the fashion charts these days.


Practical Outerwear

Streetwear has also become a fashion statement now with some artistic touches here and there. They are perfect to protect from the harshness of the weather while not losing the flair. Hooded puffer jackets in vibrant colors, overstretched parkas in denim with padded scarves are the way to go. Windcheaters loaded with pockets is also a new grungy look that gives you just the right amount of panache. Walking and cycling jackets full of multiple pockets can also be don over simple jeans and shirt. To sum it up, outerwear has become the foremost statement piece of this season.


Shearling Accents

Shearling is not an entirely new fabric for winter. But this time around they are combined with vinyl to give a totally unique air. There are various styles to choose from. Long length moody looking coats, inside out shearling texture, and short jackets. Big and fluffy shearling collars also channel their own classy aura when worn. However, be sure to wear shearling jackets in super cold weather or it is likely to cause discomfort. This was our overview of this season’s fashion trends and how you can wear them. The best outfits are those which make you feel confident and sure about yourself. So, experiment and explore and put together ensembles which you are most comfortable in.

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