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The Undoing’s Coats and Outfits Merchandise

HBO’s highly rated series undoing was released on 25 October 2020. The mini-series willfully echoes recent hits of Susanne Bier, award-winning director. The story of the Undoing is an adaptation of the novel and is based on the thrilling and twisting plot.

The Therapist Got Trapped Into Twisting Turns Of Life

The plot of the story revolves around the success of the therapist, Grace Fraser (Kidman) who visits an elite school with her husband and younger son. This turns out a twisted plot for the therapist when she ends up missing her spouse and has to confront violent deaths.

Throughout the story, the young couple had to struggle with differently occurred events. In the end, the therapist is left behind following a spreading disaster. The young mother gets horrified in the ways where she even fails to heed her own intelligence.

In the series, Nicole Kidman played the role of Grace Fraser, and Noah Jupe was portrayed as Henry Fraser. This super hit drama got nominated as the best American mystery psychological series, made on the thrilling genre.

Stunning Outfits And Coats Of Nicole Kidman

Throughout the series, Nicole Kidman styled up in different outfits and made viewers fall for her escalating fashion-sense. In Undoing, Nicole toned up her outfits with long coats only. As Kidman was playing the role of a therapist hence, her entire characterization was done in sophisticated tones. In this blockbuster series, no cropped jackets and bomber jackets were worn by Kidman.

Movie Leather Jackets is hopping out to introduce spectacular design outfits by taking inspiration from leading celebrities. Our top-notch designers have introduced a whole range of outfits and coats that made fans of Nicole crazy.  Most of the outfits were designed by top-notch designers of the industry and though, to replicate the designs we have taken vogue designers in the loop.

Besides of outstanding acting skills, Nicole Kidman’s fashion and dresses inspired viewers and fans could not resist getting their hands on uniquely designed coats, to dress up elegantly in winters.

Signature Coat Styles Of Grace Fraser (Nicole Kidman) From Undoing

Fraser with her debut shots and intensified acting in thrilling drama marked a striking impression on fans. Likewise, the celebrity broke the hush out with her signature styles and extravaganza details. Some of the best signature styles of Fraser from Undoing includes:

Heavily Flaunting Green Long Coat

This green long coat was customized with blended velvet that weighs 15 pounds. Its unique green shade and floor touching length make it an elegant and sophisticated creation of designers. This Nicole Kidman’s green dress like coat has a separate fan base.

Gorgeous Wool Coat In A Burgundy Shade

If the term ‘Grace’ had a face then surely it would be the burgundy coat that made Fraser look immensely gorgeous. The actress paired aesthetically paired this long coat with a contrasting lighter hue and elegant accessory. This signature style of Undoing Nicole Kidman’s coat made fans fall for the vogue fashion sense of the designers.

Exquisite Floral Printed Coat

This time, to justify with her sophisticated character, Nicole Kidman chose floral prints instead of opting for leopard prints or polka-dot women jackets. One of the most spectacular coats made with subtle details, blended on the finest base of beige color enhanced the classiness of Kidman. This coat caught more attention of viewers than other Givenchy dresses of Nicole did.

Long Shaded Red Velvet Coat

The perfect-for-holidays red velvet coat of Nicole Kidman tailored through the vision of Max Mara was one of the finest choices that complimented the characterization of Grace Fraser. The coat is made with graceful aesthetics and simple detailing.

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