Squid Game

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Squid game on Netflix: The ground-breaking hit show

The ‘most-talked-about’ Netflix series these days with an odd name is a Korean series which is released on Sept 17’ 2021. The series has 9 episodes related to the world where the games of the children turned out to be really deadly. Squid game Kdrama is the first ever that has hot the No. 1 spot in the Netflix series and has accomplished the milestone in only 4 days after it got release. The show is violent and bloody but it is also binge-able and addictive.

The No. 1 hit show’s genre is Action & Suspense and is starring Lee Jung-Jae, Park Hae-Soo and Wi Ha-jun in its cast. The series shows a highly indebted group of people who are living in South Korea who get tricked into a children’s game deadly tournament but then majority of them volunteer to come back believing that this might be the only way to get the money which they need for survival. The big bucks are showed at stake but the odds of the survival weren’t good. The squid game actors have given a wonderful performance to give the audience the most perfect sense of suspense and drama along with thrill.

Squid game costume: Fans being obsessed with squid game jackets

The new Netflix series has taken by storm this week and the fans are binge watching the new Kdrama where losing a game means death. The squid game ending has explained that rewards do not come easy as the indebt group got rewarded with a large cash prize by surviving through six deadly events. The fans of the show have taken over Twitter to share their desire to have a squid game jacket and costume for Halloween even when it’s only September. At the moment, there is seen no official costume for Squid Game that you can buy but with our website, you can definitely buy one as we have come up with some nifty ideas for squid game costumes.

Squid game cast & candy colored costumes

For the green outfits of the players and the one which was specifically wore by Lee Jung-jae, you can find the green tracksuits at our website and can have your favorite numbers that are stuck on the jackets in the front. You can have fun with them! If you are getting a group of friends and can wear the squid game tracksuits together, it would have a great impact at the Halloween Party.

For the costume of Balaclava, you can also search and find the hot-pink water-proof jumpsuits at our website which have a shiny coat that can give you the desired shiny appearance to look exactly like balaclava.

Squid Game ending and review

The finale of the game presented one crueler test and this time it has relied on only one player. The finale has ended with some kind of conclusion. In the final episode of squid game, Gi-hun receives a card mysteriously from the game after a year of winning which leads him towards II-nam who is still alive but is actually in his death bed. He did not die after he lost the marble game after all (we didn’t really saw him being killed over the screen). As the matter of the fact, he’s the co-creator and host of the complete scheme.

The series is currently having a 100% rating on the Rotten Tomatoes and 8.3 rating on IMDB. Even though the people do not watch violence and gore this much but the funny name and the candy-colored images of the costumes and the games in the series Squid Game has made the people to binge watch the series. Simply because of the game setup structure, things have somewhat become inevitable or at least predictable but even when the people could see where the show was headed, it could not detract from the enjoyment of watching and it was still exciting to see it being played out the whole way to the end. Regardless, Netflix should be congratulated for transforming the ‘scaredy-cat viewer’ into ‘horror-bingeing believer’.