Doctor Strange 2 What Actually Happened in Post Credit Scene

Behold! The mighty fanatics of this great multiverse Marvel movie, we have to listen to your query and will be going to make sure. That no one feels any confusion regarding the most anticipated ending of 2022.

So be ready because this blog is full of SPOILERS!!!!!

So let’s gear up and start the amazing Wanda vision kind of ride.

The middle credit section picks up with the dashing Doctor Strange A.K.A Benedict Cumberbatch, walking down the NYC lonely street having saved the day like power puff girls, again. His harmony is intervallic by the arrival of an amazing surprise visitor though through a gateway, played by the beautiful and glorious Charlize Theron.

This stranger tells Doc Strange that he “caused an invasion and they will going to fix it… unless you’re frightened”. Revealing his new enigmatic third eye (a consequence of his use of the Dark hold in the MCU movie’s finale), Doctor Strange discloses that of course he isn’t scared and heads off on the new task.

Clea Surprise Entry

At no point does the passage exposes who Charlize Theron is playing, but if you’re muddled, she’s playing Clea, who in the comic series of Marvel is a love interest of Doctor Strange and, at one stand, she married him too (in the comics). Charlize Theron’s enigmatic outfits and the doctor strange costume cape were designed in such a distinctive way, that it captivates audiences.

The appearance of lustrous Clea was in fact believed for the sequel way back in 2019, but the casting of Charlize Theron was mainly kept under veil of secrecy. Since the film’s release, Theron has publicly debuted as Clea on her social media handle.

Doctor Cumberbatch 2 renowned writer Mr. Michael Waldron has also clarified that the overview of the character Clea was meant to induce a line under dashing Strange’s connection with Christine Palmer that, as we learn in the film, never appears to work in any universe of the MCU.

The Surprise Element Explained

We always identified we wanted to present Clea A.K.A Charlize Theron, who in the Marvel comics is you might say the great adoration of dapper Strange, but although in a lot of means is his intimidating equal as a wizard herself, the director explained deeply.

In the comics, Clea first appeared in lifesaver Strange Tales #126 and is the offspring of Prince Orini – successor to the Dark Dimension – and Dormammu’s sibling Umar (although she didn’t permanently know her mother was the character Umar).

Strange and Clea initially met when he left into the Dark Dimension to fight Dormammu, who was demanding to conquer planet Earth. Clea assisted her love Strange in his clash and the pair fell immensely in love and Clea moved to planet Earth with Doctor Strange after Umar took hold of the Dark Dimension.

The Ending Plot and Clea’s Future with Strange

On Earth’s surface, Clea vanished her sorceress powers and studied them from scratch at the Sanctum Sanctorum to recover them. When Doc Strange developed the Sorcerer Supreme, Clea became his authorized disciple in the devoted mystic arts, but she ultimately reimbursed to the Dark Dimension to join the revolt to overthrow Umar. In this climax scene, Mr. Strange’s cape and scarlet witch wanda costume are made from the same cloth fabric.

Clea attained and demanded rulership of the Dark Dimension, expelling her blood relation to a pocket dimension. During her rule, Clea and Strange got married in the region of the Dark Dimension, but they could never really blissfully be together as Doctor was needed on Planet Earth and Clea faced the continuous threat of Dormammu in the place of the Dark Dimension.

Although it is doubtful that we’ll see this division play out in the MCU version, particularly since Doc Strange defeated the baddie Dormammu in the first movie. Dormammu could well return as an antihero, but it would feel like tramping old ground.

Clea’s MCU Future and Strange Death

Though, there is something astonishing in the marvel comics that could mention Clea’s MCU future.

In the Marvel official comics, Clea was left alone with the Eye of Agamotto and the Cloak of Levitation by Strange after his demise. (He was rejuvenated for a moment and gave them to Clea as she was the only one Strange could trust before he was taken by Bereavement again.)

It could well be the reason where the third MCU movie ends up, but first, Clea and Cumberbatch Strange have that “Intrusion” to deal with. When Doctor Strange is taken to the Illuminati previous in the film, he was said that an Intrusion occurs when two universes in the multiverse instigate to crash.

 Strange and Multiverse Transportation

The uber cool Strange of the planet Earth-838 unintentionally triggered one when he was exhausting the Dark hold to find a tactic to overthrow Thanos, leading to the extinction of one universe in the multiverse. It’s what the Illuminati terror could transpire if dandy Strange sticks nearby in their specific universe, so they’re profound for it not to happen in the near future too.

He even understands the significance of an Invasion by himself when Strange meets another, another other, different other Doctor in a dissimilar universe where authenticity has malformed in on itself. Evidently, something Strange did in the climax has led to such an Invasion happening in the Marvel multiverse.

Fortunately, one of Clea’s supremacies (in the marvel comics, anyway) is the skill to teleport to other places and dimensions. So the third sequel movie will likely see Doctor Strange on some other multiverse-hopping exploration to stop the annihilation of one cosmos.

In the end our two cents

Do we have to see Doctor Strange and Clea romance soon? Because we are anticipating seeing Strange with his love interest FINALLY!! And we are sure after Mad Max’s award-winning performance who would gonna miss Theron in such a larger life role?

We are surely going to wait for this reunion in another multiverse, where we see Strange will going to make us proud and defeat things for his lady love.

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