Must Try Selena Gomez Outfits From Only Murders In The Building

Must Try Selena Gomez Outfits From Only Murders In The Building

Where are all our mystery fans? The Season 3 of Only Murders in the Building dropped on Hulu in August, and people can’t stop gushing about it. Besides the plot, there’s another reason for the immense popularity of the show – Selena Gomez outfits!

Our Mabel Mora is a true fashion icon, and we can’t help but drool over her looks. Feel the same way? Welcome to the club! The latest season gave us another glimpse of Mabel’s tastefulness when it comes to dressing up.

But enough of looking at Selena’s outfits with eyes full of longing, it’s time to do something about it. Surprisingly, recreating her ensembles in Only Murders in the Building is not that much of a challenge.

Read this blog to discover her top 8 outfits and how you can refashion the same look!

Why Mabel Mora’s Outfits Are The Talk Of The Show?

When the show first hit our screens a couple years back, it instantly became our favorite. It stars Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short in the lead roles. The synopsis revolves around the three teaming up to catch a murderer on the loose in their Upper West Side apartment building.

Even though the idea was to keep us guessing and laughing through the show, Selena Gomes Outfits unexpectedly stole the limelight. Her style is more like an on-screen indication for setting her apart from the other two protagonists, Charles and Oliver.

Her fashion sense also gives us a sneak peek into her interests and personality. Considering that she’s usually an enigmatic character, it makes sense for her to have a unique wardrobe – it makes Mabel more accessible to us!

The Best Of Selena Gomez’s Outfits From Only Murders In The Building

The Yellow Outfit + Beats Headphones

Selena Gomez Only Murders in the Building Black Leather Coat

In the introductory scene, she’s wearing a yellow sweater and orange coat, paired up with plaid pants and a hat. Not to forget – the red Beats headphones that make her look more intriguing. Now that we have broken down the outfit for you, you shouldn’t have trouble recreating it!

P.S.: If it’s freezing outside, consider wearing Selena Gomez Only Murders in the Building Black Leather Coat. Don’t worry, it won’t ruin the look – instead, it will look like you mixed and matched some of her outfits! 

The Infamous Dress On New Year’s Eve

Only Murders in the Building Selena Gomez White Coat

In one scene, we learn a really big secret: Mabel and Tim Kono were friends when they were kids. In this moment, Mabel is all dressed up in a shiny dress for a New Year’s Eve party. She has pink streaks in her hair, which shows that she’s artistic.

Her outfit is different from how she looks now, and it helps us see how much she has changed since that night. You can buy a similar dress from anywhere, and since New Year’s nights are chilly, complement it with an Only Murders in the Building Selena Gomez White Coat.

Painted Overalls

Remember the scene where Mabel is working on an artwork for one of her apartment walls? The art-splattered jumpsuit she’s wearing in that scene is one of the best Selena Gomez Only Murders in the Building Outfits. Granted, it may not be as chic as the rest of her attires, but this one introduces us to her natural side.

She’s in casual clothes, hair wrapped up in a bun, painting, and thinking about her current situation – doesn’t this make her character more relatable? You can easily make this outfit your own by splashing some fabric paint on solid, neutral overalls!

The Buckled Skirt


Mabel wears a lot of skirts in the show, and one of them is a taupe-colored skirt with a buckle. She wears it with a black turtleneck, tights, and chunky black lace-up boots. This outfit looks really well-coordinated, even though Mabel is going through a tough time during the investigation. You can also throw on the classic Selena Gomez Only Murders in the Building Pink Puffer Coat over this outfit for an added touch of authenticity.

The Comfy Red Sweater

In a show set in cold New York winters, it’s no surprise that Mabel’s wardrobe is filled with warm and comfy knit sweaters. One of her standout outfits is a vibrant red sweater that adds a pop of color to her look. She pairs it with jeans and a wide black belt.

Her bright and colorful outfits make her stand out from the rest of the characters, whose fashion choices are often more muted. Like all other Only Murders in the Building Outfits, recreating this one is no rocket science either!

The Vinyl Trench Coat

Selena Gomez Only Murders in the Building 2023 Beige Cotton Trench Coat

In one episode, Mabel rocks a stylish long burgundy trench coat with a vinyl-like finish. She matches it with a cozy cream turtleneck and her signature hoop earrings. This outfit strikes a perfect balance between being practical and fashionable.

To recreate this look, find a burgundy Selena Gomez Only Murders in the Building trench coat with a sleek finish, pair it with a cream turtleneck, and don’t forget those hoop earrings for a touch of Mabel’s chic style with a hint of mystery.

The Brown Fur Coat

In episode 5 of Only Murders in the Building, Mabel ventures out on her own to find answers. She’s seen wearing a long brown coat that Oscar describes as “priceless” in the episode’s voiceover.

This choice of clothing is significant because, in this episode, Charles and Oliver start to become suspicious of Mabel after learning about her past friendship with Tim Kono. So, Mabel wearing such a remarkable coat reflects her style when she’s ready to confront the outside world. If you can’t find a similar coat anywhere, you can ask a movie leather jackets store to customize one for you.

The Multi Colored Sweater

When Mabel is at her aunt’s Arconia apartment, she always opts for comfy and relaxed attire, like her multicolored rainbow-knit sweater. This outfit gives off a cozy vibe, which Mabel is always searching for throughout the season.

To recreate this laid-back look, find a colorful knit sweater that feels warm and comfy. It’s perfect for those moments when you want to feel relaxed and at ease.


This was only a glimpse of Selena Gomez’s wardrobe in Only Murders in the Building. The best part about her clothes is that they are not too fancy as she dresses up simply.

So, it’s incredibly easy to recreate a Mabel Mora look whether you’re heading out for a cup of coffee or a friends reunion. Also, considering the overall theme of her attires, they are perfect for fall!

And since it’s just right around the corner, guess it’s time for a major closet overhaul. With these ensembles in your collection, you will be fully prepared to welcome this year’s autumn in style!

Dressing Up For Halloween: Deadpool 3 Wolverine Costume Guide

Dressing Up For Halloween Deadpool 3 Wolverine Costume Guide

Although Deadpool 3 is not going to be on the screens until May 2024, true Marvel fans are already excited about its release. Surely it is going to live up to the hype, and people would love to dress up as its characters. It is definitely going to make a splash in the cinemas because of all the twists it contains. Although there are many superheroes that the Marvel Comic Fans love, Wolverine is known, beyond any flicker of doubt, as the show-stopper of the series.

Many fans got their heart broken when the featured film suggested the death of Wolverine, but it is confirmed that Hugh Jackman will be returning as the most beloved Logan, (commonly known as Wolverine) on screens in May 2024. As true graphic novel fans, we were all a little furious when the said character was not seen wearing his typical costume anywhere in Deadpool 2. Weren’t we?

Well luckily, the most exciting part of Deadpool 3, apart from the much-awaited return of Logan’s character, is that the actor will be seen wearing the classic comic yellow jumpsuit. Thrilling, isn’t it? So, this year, the best costume for Halloween would be none other than the characteristic yellow costume of Wolverine having blue accents. Read below to get familiar with how you can dress up as Deadpool 3 characters this season. 

Guide To Achieving The Perfect Wolverine Look This Halloween

Hugh Jackman Deadpool 3 (2024) Wolverine Leather Costume

Buy a Costume Jacket

Steal the show this Halloween by dressing up in the perfect Wolverine comic costume. We suggest you start by wearing the exact shade of yellow jacket with blue accents, as Logan’s character. If you have difficulty finding a perfect Wolverine costume for yourself, make sure to check the online Movie Leather Jackets to find an appropriate fit.

Try finding a costume jacket with stand-up collars and full sleeves to add more resemblance to the superhero. And you will be halfway there to get the perfect look.

Don’t Forget About Yellow High-Neck Sweater:

Yellow High-Neck Sweater

The next item you want to grab is a high-neck or turtle-neck sweater to match the style. While choosing your sweater, make sure to match the shade with your jacket to avoid any mismatch of colors.

Try to find the brightest yellow you can because the comic character is seen wearing a costume as bright as sunshine. Finding the perfect shade that matches the Deadpool character can make you the well-styled person in your group.

Add Depth By Wearing Black Shoulder Pads

Black Shoulder Pads

To add more resemblance to Logan’s character, make sure to wear black shoulder pads over your costume. Unlike yellow pants, these articles of clothing are fairly common and can be purchased online or from any local costume or sports shop.

These signature black shoulder pads are a must-have if you wish to achieve the perfect Logan look this Halloween. They will help you achieve the look and make your upper body appear broader to perfectly match that superhero energy.

Leather Pants Are A Must

Buy The Leather Pants

To achieve that perfect Deadpool 3 Wolverine Costume, find yourself a perfect pair of yellow leather pants. This is going to be a difficult task because pants of such color are not that common, let alone in leather fabric, which might be completely off the wall.

But there is no need to worry if you do not find the perfect pair in leather. You can always choose pants in any fabric, as long as they are the brightest shade of yellow the world has ever seen, to help you unleash your inner mutant.

Armour Gloves

Armor Gloves

Again, finding the exact gloves to blend with Wolverine’s costume would be difficult. But as All Hallows’ Eve season approaches, you might find yourself a perfect pair. Keep searching till you find the right shade. You can also add the finishing touch to your costume by wearing black gloves if you are unable to find the yellow ones.

Wear a Belt

Wolverine Belt

A matching belt with a bright yellow outfit is definitely what Logan would buy for himself. But if you want to spice things up a little, try wearing a red belt. Because a reddish tinge can minimize the impact of bright yellow and give your outfit a more balanced look. Or, if you want to go overboard with your costume, try wearing a black belt with a large metallic buckle.

Fake Beard and Wig To Complete The Look

Fake Beard And Wig

Wigs and beards play a huge part in Halloween Costumes. Logan’s character has a distinguishable beard and hairstyle. Therefore, to add a touch of pizzazz, be on the lookout for the perfect match to finalize your look.

A shaggy wig and a mutton chops beard are vital to make you look like the long-lost twin of the Wolverine. You can get them from any costume shop easily.

Purchase Suitable Knee Pads

Yellow Knee Pads

By now, you must be aware that Logan’s favorite color is yellow, and that’s it. He would paint the world in the brightest shade of yellow if he could. Well, thankfully, his resources are limited so he decided to paint himself in that color.

To add a more lemony color to your existing yellow outfit, try wearing knee pads of the same color. You would easily find these in any costume shop.

Don’t Leave Behind Knee-High Boots

Knee High Boots

Finishing off your look with knee-high boots is the final step to looking like Wolverine’s identical twin. Luckily you can wear black boots with your yellow outfit. You are good to go if you already own a perfect pair with the right length. Otherwise, knee-high boots in this color are fairly common and can be found anywhere. You can also style them even after the Halloween season.

Deadpool 3 Jackets and matching accessories will be in the markets as soon as the Halloween season arrives because the public has been going gaga ever since the producers announced the release date. So make sure to find the right fit for yourself in order to win the best costume award.

Final Words

Create a perfect Halloween costume by dressing up as the most idolized Marvel comic character, the Wolverine! Catch everyone’s eye while you knock on the doors, collect candies, make lamps out of pumpkins, and enjoy spooky ghost stories with your friends.

By now, you must have all the information you need to channel your inner mutant and dress up as a perfect version of Wolverine this Halloween. You can combine different clothing articles to imitate the character, or an easier alternative is buying an off-the-rack Wolverine outfit.

A Guide On Transforming Into The Witcher This Halloween

A Guide On Transforming Into The Witcher This Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner! And as the spooky fun approaches, everyone is excited to figure out our costumes and become the scariest characters out there.  Pirates, Batman, and vampires are all old favorites – this year, we’re all about finding something totally new and different.

Here’s a cool idea: With “The Witcher” back on Netflix, why not dress up like Geralt of Rivia? Not a lot of people will think of this, so you’ll really stand out. Plus, a lot of folks will instantly know who you’re trying to be.

By wearing a costume that’s both fresh and recognizable, you will surely be turning some heads this Halloween. Now you might be curious about how to pull off that grand Witcher look. No need to stress – we’ve got your back!

In this blog post, we’re going to walk you through the steps of becoming Geralt of Rivia. We’ll make sure you arrive at the Halloween bash as the most impressive and intimidating character of the night. So, get ready to wow the crowd!

Dress Up Like the Main Character of The Witcher in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Start Off With Geralt’s Iconic Hair 

To kick off your transformation into the Witcher’s main character, let’s focus on something super important: his iconic white hair. It’s his trademark look – flowing just a bit below his shoulders and often tied back in a half-up style.

But hey, if you are thinking about spending hours dyeing your own hair, please hold that thought. Why go through all that hassle when you can simply buy a similar wig? This simple but genius hack will save you a ton of time and of course – hair damage!

With a wig, you can effortlessly step into Geralt’s shoes, or should we say, his hair. It’s an instant transformation that not only captures the essence of the character but also keeps things easy and enjoyable.

Step 2: Find the Right Shirt and Pants

Geralt’s shirt is more than just clothing – it’s a crucial part of his distinctive style. Typically seen wearing a deep V-neck, this shirt complements his rugged appearance and the Witcher Geralt of Rivia vest. It’s often in a dark tone, mirroring his practical nature.

The shirt covers him effortlessly yet purposefully, allowing freedom of movement for his bold adventures. Whether he’s wielding a sword or outsmarting magical creatures, Geralt’s shirt remains constant, symbolizing his resilience and readiness for any challenge. Now if you are lucky, you might find a similar shirt in a costume shop. Otherwise, it’s time to embark on a DIY project!

To get started, you first need a neutral-colored V-neck shirt with full sleeves. If you don’t already have one in your wardrobe, you can stop by at any clothing store since they are pretty common. We know that Geralt’s attire is known for its worn and rugged appearance, so you will have to lightly distress the fabric by sanding, scraping, or even staining it with diluted tea or coffee.

As for bottoms, you don’t need to go an extra mile for this. He is always wearing black leather pants, so you can your hands on one too to complete the outfit!

Step 3: Step Into Geralt’s Shoes (Literally)

Have you ever seen Geralt walking around in flip flops? No, so don’t forget to complement his intimidating ensemble with the right shoes! He wears tough leather boots in The Witcher to match his monster-hunting style. These boots don’t just look cool; they’re ready for any adventure, from mountains to forests. And, they are an integral part of the Witcher Henry Cavill Costume.

They might look a bit beaten up, but that’s because they’ve been through a ton, just like Geralt. So, when you’re getting all dressed up as Geralt, make sure to rock those boots too. If you’re looking to save some cash on footwear, you can also opt for secondhand shoes. Quality isn’t a big concern here – a bit of wear and tear is actually what you need to make the costume look convincing!

Step 4: Don’t Forget About Geralt’s Signature Accessories

You can’t match the main character’s energy until you adorn yourself with their signature accessories. In this case, Henry Cavil is often seen wearing a medallion around his neck. It features a fierce wolf encircled in a silver circle.

Now this one might be tough to get your hands on. But if you are in luck, you might stumble across the same pendant at some online store. Nevertheless, if you can’t find it, looking for something similar is the best you can do!

And lastly, don’t forget about his sword! Frankly, no one is going to pay attention on the sword’s intricacies. So, you can pick any as long as it is laying on your back or unsheathed. Although, we suggest looking for a foam version instead since the steel one can hurt someone!

Once you gather all these items, you’re totally ready to rock this year’s Halloween bash as the incredible Geralt of Rivia. And if you’re hunting for more cool ideas for Halloween costumes, here’s a lineup of all the other amazing characters from The Witcher universe you can consider dressing up as:

3 Other Costumes from The Witcher Worth Your Attention


We absolutely love Yennefer – she’s our top pick in the show. She’s a smart sorceress who keeps questioning whether becoming a powerful witch was the right call. Her journey is the most impactful part of the show – she goes from an abused girl to a strong and tricky woman.

Yennefer’s style is quite interesting too. She wears lots of beautiful gowns with fancy designs and warm fur coats. So, dressing up like Yennefer shouldn’t be difficult. Simply grab a cloak or gown, put on a choker necklace, and pull on some boots. You’ll totally get her vibe and feel like you’re in her world!


If you ask us, Jaskier is the most fun and soft character in the show. To really capture his style, focus on a few important things. Start with a bright vest that stands out – unlike the Witcher Henry Cavill Jacket. Match it with a ruffled shirt to add some extra flair. And don’t forget his lute, which is a must for the look. Wear tight pants and cool boots to complete the outfit. Jaskier likes attention, so feel free to experiment with bold accessories like a medallion or a fun hat. Just put on these clothes and get into the spirit – you’ll feel like Jaskier in no time!


Throughout most of the show, Ciri wears one outfit: a brown jumpsuit and a casual blue cloak. It’s a simple outfit, but it shows her brave and adventurous side, as well as her life as a princess.

Just like Yennefer’s look, you won’t need a ton of time or effort for this costume. You can easily find Ciri’s jumpsuit and cloak at a store, or even have them custom-made. But to really nail the Ciri vibe, you’ll need a long, beautiful blond wig to match her hairstyle.

Conclusion: Get Ready to Steal the Show with these The Witcher Costume Ideas

In conclusion, these The Witcher costume ideas are your ticket to owning Halloween. From Geralt’s tough style to Yennefer’s elegance, Jaskier’s flair and Ciri’s resilience, there’s a choice for everyone. By putting together the right pieces, you can transform into your favorite character and bring The Witcher’s magic to life.

These costumes not only honor the show but also let you dive into the adventures of The Witcher’s characters. No matter which costume you choose, rest assured that you’ll be the star of Halloween. So, get ready to make this Halloween truly unforgettable with these iconic character costumes!